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My Current AeroPress Recipe ☕️

Inverted Aeropress

Over the years, I have tried many Aeropress methods for making coffee. After many variations, I have found this one to be the best and most consistent.



Start heating the water in a kettle. While the water is heating, grind 30g of coffee in the grinder and pour it into the inverted Aeropress.

Place the Aeropress on the scale, pour in 100g of water, and stir. Once stirred, set a timer for 60s. Take this time to place the paper filter inside the Aeropress’ lid and rinse the paper. It ensures that it sticks better and removes some of the paper taste.

After the timer is up, stir one more time, attach the filter, and plunge into your cup.

Finally, pour another 100g of water into the cup and enjoy one of the best cups of coffee of your life.

Let me know if you end up trying it!


High-Level Workings of Link’s Awakening

It explains how the engine is structured and how the various subsystems are made.

Very cool architecture breakdown of one of my all time favorite games.


Time to demo some walls! 🔨


I have a terrible habit of biting my nails while I’m coding. I literally don’t do it in any other context.


On more from snowboarding yesterday 🤙


Beautiful day snowboarding with the fam 🏂


I just set up on my site which allows me to participate in the Fediverse. You can now follow me on Mastodon using


Snowboarding attempt #2 tomorrow. This time the entire family is going. Fresh snow and sunny weather 🤙🏂


I say this every year, but this is the year that I get a freestanding handstand.


It’s so inspiring to read everyone’s “Year In Books” posts. Makes me want to read more in 2023.

Please send me your Fantasy or Sci-Fi novel recommendations! 📚


Happy New Year friends 🎆


Today, we started our first day of demo on the rental property. It’s going to be a journey, but I’m super excited to tackle it with my incredibly creative and super handy wife.


Bring Back Personal Blogging - The Verge

Buy that domain name. Carve your space out on the web. Tell your stories, build your community, and talk to your people.


Spending some time today watching a code breakdown on the water level of TMNT for the NES.

The Broken Water Level of TMNT - Behind The Code

So yeah… I know how to party on NYE.



Snowboarding was a bust today.

We drove all the way up the Santa Fe Ski Area (1.5 hours from my house) only to turn around and head home.

The line to rent was over an hour long and the lift lines were nuts! I have never seen it that busy.

We’ll try again next week…


I’m taking my kids snowboarding tomorrow. Super excited to teach them! 🏂


@manton I have a few questions/notes about non microblog hosted sites (mine now supports webmention and microformats) and m.b integration.

  1. When I reply from my domain,it doesn’t link to my user on m.b. Even though my domain is associated with it. It creates a new m.b. user named instead of showing it from my @brandontreb account.
  2. When replying, should I sent a webmention to m.b. Or the users custom domain? Does it matter?
  3. How should conversations work if I want to reply from within my site? Should I send in-reply-to to MY original post and web mentions to the users I mentioned? Or send webmentions / reply directly to the other replies in the conversation? Also, #1 is an issue here as it shows the reply coming from my site and not my user.

LMK if anything is unclear.



Saying “sup” with ‘net send’

By the time we got to school the next day, the IT person had disabled net send across the network.

Oh man, I miss the high school days of playing spy vs. spy with the school’s “IT person”.


Maybe I’m missing something, but I just can’t understand how to get into the Cobra Kai show. Maybe I’m not it’s target demographic.

“You can’t hurt me, I’m running on Whiskey and White Claw”.

I overheard this line while my son was watching it.

The dialog is way too cringe.


Writing a letter to Santa

writing a letter to santa


I made a rookie mistake and forgot to take the trashes out to the street for pickup the day after Christmas 🤦‍♂️


This was the first Christmas where my teenager was “too cool” to participate in many of the family activities.

It was kind of a bummer and def gave me a reality check about how fleeting my time is with my children.


Merry Christmas friends! 🎄


My daughter and I did some skipping while out on our run today. It was so much fun. I need a little more skipping in my life. 🏃

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