Very excited to see Underøath play tonight


I started watching the movie Dune, not having read the book. About 20 minutes in I had to turn it off. It seems so cool, I decided to read the book first. 📚🎥


The local bookstore allowed me to get my Outlive book a day before it’s release. I’m not sure they made an error or were just being cool. 📚


Attempting my first overnight smoke on the Traeger. High stakes (steaks?), high reward. 💨


My middle son scored his first soccer goal today. He usually plays keeper and doesn’t have an opportunity to score, but was able to play in the field today and shot one in. Super proud of him! ⚽


Lazy Friday watching Avatar with the kids. 🎥


“Your problems adjust to their true level of importance after a hard workout and a good night of sleep.”

–James Clear

I like to take my feelings and put them in a muscle.


I just pre-ordered Peter Attia’s New Book:

OUTLIVE The Science and Art of Longevity

I love Peter Attia and the whole Longevity space. Can’t wait to read this one!


I very much enjoyed this episode of the Tim Ferris Podcast featuring Dr. Peter Attia.

The Science and Art of Longevity, Optimizing Protein, Alcohol Rules, Lessons from Glucose Monitoring with CGMs, Boosting Your VO2 Max, Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease, Early Cancer Detection


I appreciate the fact that the web version of Reddit mobile has a “Next” button instead of infinite scrolling. It’s much easier to say to myself “I’ll view 1 more page and get off” rather than mindlessly scrolling/hating myself for wasting so much of my life looking at nonsense.


Billions spent on AI research have brought us this masterpiece:

ice ice matrix…

Via @SethGodin


I love having buddies that own a cigar shop down the street. It’s so cool to be able to just go randomly hang out with my friends and smoke with them. One downside is, I’m probably smoking a few too many cigars.


Playing an RPG brings me a lot of the same joys as reading a fantasy novel. I might try switching off reading and playing RPGs with deep story lines.

Any suggestions?


So it turns out, GPT-4 knows enough about Pokemon Emerald that you can ask it to pretend to be a text-based interface for it and it just… works?

This is so cool! I wonder what other games you can use GPT-4 to play?


The Coffee Shop Fallacy

The coffeeshop fallacy is a mismatch between the work one imagines to be involved in a pursuit and the actual day-to-day labour.

It is most common in industries with a strong survival bias which create a fun or desirable product.

This is a great article that everyone should read if they are thinking of starting a coffee shop/brewery/arcade/boutique shop/etc…

A few years back, my wife and I decided to open a coffee shop in our little town here. Seeing as there was no shop for miles around, its seemed like a great idea. We did all of the research, picked a spot, and even started down the path of branding. It wasn’t until one day, a friend of mine who previously owned a fancy shop downtown sat me down and told me what no one else would.

I had visions of sitting in our shop chatting with locals while a barista served me Cortados all day long. Little did I know, such businesses were almost never profitable, constant headaches, staffing issues, cleaning, supply chain issues and not to mention, I would end up cornering myself into my own minimum wage job for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately, we ended up scrapping the idea of starting a shop and one did open. I can now sit in there comfortably drinking a Cortado and know that I can just up and leave when I’m done without having to first mop the floor.


Remembering Names

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie

Whenever I meet new people, I’m terrible with remembering their names. It would seem that the moment they tell me their name, I instantly forget it.

Lately, I have started writing down people’s names in my notes along with something I remember about them (I know, I’m Michael Scott). I will also put them under headings that refer to the context in which I met them.

An example of this might be



This has been working surprisingly well, as the moment I write a name down with a character trait, I remember it forever. Very seldom have I had to go back and review my notes.

It does make me wonder though, what memorable character trait does someone have written down in their notes about me?


Being at the soccer fields feels like the show Severence.

I take the kids to soccer, go to bed, wake up and I’m at the soccer fields again.


Today, I begin my 37th trip around the sun.


cobble_stone (The Texture of Your Childhood)

This is cobble_stone. Doesn’t seem that interesting, does it? It is just a bunch of bricks after all. Well, what if you were told these bricks have been lurking in the shadows of your life and you never knew it.


The mind does an incredible job of convincing you that whatever you are thinking about during mediation, you are doomed to forget unless you keep thinking about it. Case in point: this post was constantly swirling around in my head during today’s mediation.


Thinking something nice about someone? Tell them.

When you think something nice about someone, you should tell them.

People don’t hear enough compliments.

This is always a win-win for all parties. I really try to compliment people as often as possible. I think it makes me feel even better than them!

There really is no better use of my time, or yours.


My daughter just got a toy today that resembles a Skip It.

i haven’t thought about these in 25 years. Being a 90’s kid that was raised by the TV, it immediately brought the jingle from the commercial to my mind.

Naturally, I had to find the video on YouTube. Here it is in all of it’s nostalgic glory.


I have rewritten my blog engine for the third time. At least, this time the front end is rendered by Hugo and it’s compatible with themes.


Rogule - a dungeon a day keeps the Balrog away

Rogule is a minimalist online Roguelike game you play in your web browser. Everyone gets the same dungeon each day. You get one chance to beat each day’s dungeon. It is free to play.

This is super cool!


Honestly, it’s probably the phones

The most plausible explanation for teenage unhappiness.

As a proud owner of a teenager, I 100% agree. Teaching them to self regulate is important.

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