My wife and I got complementary tattoos.

I have made it 37 years on this planet without getting a single tattoo. A few weeks back, I went with Ashley to her tattoo appointment. She wanted to get a phrase from one of her favorite books tattooed on her arm and a Boba Fett helmet on her finger.

When we arrived, she said she had a surprise for me, but I couldn’t know until the artist started. After she got her first two tattoos, the artist began on a third.

As the words were materializing, I recognized the lyrics from a song called Piece of Your Heart by Mayday Parade, which is my favorite band of all time.

The lyrics said “You are the brightest I’ve seen”.

Being so incredibly touched by this, I impulsively asked the artist if he could tattoo the next line of the lyric on my arm. He agreed and I got “You are the best side of me” on my arm.

It was an absolutely beautiful experience to share with my wife and I couldn’t be happier.