• Bugs

    Most people are afraid of bugs, especially bees and wasps.  If you spend any time in nature, you’ll start to appreciate these creatures and realize that they keep themselves for the most part unless provoked. 

    We often find ourselves afraid of things in business, relationships, life, etc. simply because of fearing the unknown. It's not that we actually fear the thing itself, it’s just that we are afraid of that which we do not understand.

    Once we make this realization and take the time to learn about that which scares us, we are free to move forward boldly and confidently, to conquer anything.

  • It’s crazy seeing teens in the coffee shop using TI83+ calculators. Brings me waaaay back.

  • Getting inked up today 🖤

  • Leaving today for Sick New World 🤘

  • My 15yo son just told me he “wants to get into CD’s because they’re ’vintage’”. Now I feel ancient.

  • The Tesla FSD feels like being in an Uber in your own car.

  • My wife and I got complementary tattoos.

    I have made it 37 years on this planet without getting a single tattoo. A few weeks back, I went with Ashley to her tattoo appointment. She wanted to get a phrase from one of her favorite books tattooed on her arm and a Boba Fett helmet on her finger.

    When we arrived, she said she had a surprise for me, but I couldn’t know until the artist started. After she got her first two tattoos, the artist began on a third.

    As the words were materializing, I recognized the lyrics from a song called Piece of Your Heart by Mayday Parade, which is my favorite band of all time.

    The lyrics said “You are the brightest I’ve seen”.

    Being so incredibly touched by this, I impulsively asked the artist if he could tattoo the next line of the lyric on my arm. He agreed and I got “You are the best side of me” on my arm.

    It was an absolutely beautiful experience to share with my wife and I couldn’t be happier.

  • I absolutely love this time of year in Albuquerque. Green chili roasting, cool mornings and the sounds of hundreds of hot air balloons flying over my house.

  • New Blink 182 is 🔥🔥🔥


  • My oldest starts high school today 😭

  • The Past is Not True

    Aim a laser pointer at the moon, then move your hand the tiniest bit, and it’ll move a thousand miles at the other end. The tiniest misunderstanding long ago, amplified through time, leads to piles of misunderstandings in the present.

  • Passwords are fine

    Passwords are simple and affordable. We were using them prior to computers (“Open sesame!”) and their understandability transferred easily.

    I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that the problem with passwords is password hygiene, not with the method itself.

  • One more from last night

  • My son got a new Nintendo Switch, so I took his hand me down. It came with Breath of the Wild.

    I’m not really one to play many video games, but I literally can’t put this thing down. I woke up this morning and played.

    There goes my productivity for the next couple months…

  • I can’t wait to see people walking around in public wearing the Apple Vision Pro #WWDC13

  • I watched a few YouTube videos and learned how to sew hair extensions into my wife’s hair. They came out great.

    Now, all of her friends are trying to make an appointment with me 😂

    If running a software company doesn’t work out, I at least have a bright future doing hair! 💇‍♀️

  • After building it 7+ years ago, I have finally updated my agency’s website. It’s now running on Hugo using the Portio theme and hosted for free on Github Pages. Good bye Squarespace!


  • My neighbor lived to be 109. This is what I learned from him.

    Think freely. Practice patience. Smile often. Forgive and seek forgiveness.

    Feel deeply. Tell loved ones how you feel.

    Be soft sometimes. Cry when you need to. Observe miracles.

    Long read, but well worth it. Beautiful article.

  • Navajo president drops in at new skatepark in the Navajo Nation!

    The president of Navajo Nation here in New Mexico freakin shreds in the new skatepark they just opened. Also, Tony Hawk was there…

  • Apple’s tagline for this year’s WWDC “Code new worlds.” makes me very excited!

  • Tonight, I accidentally signed up for Hot Yoga sculpt instead of the regular hot yoga. It was literally one of the most intense hours of my life. Apple Watch puts my heart rate in zone 5 for more than 50% of the workout (that’s like 170bpm).

    By the time I got out, my head was spinning like I had just smoked 2 cigars and drank a few whiskeys.

    So…I’m pretty sure I’m going again next week (on purpose this time).

  • I wonder if I accepted every meeting with growth agencies that can “guarantee” me new clients and ever recruiter that can “guarantee” me great developers, it would result in an infinite revenue glitch.

  • I have tried out BlueSky and just can’t get into it.

    • it feels way too close to Twitter to feel like something new
    • I can’t seem to find communities that match my interests
    • It still feels siloed

    For now, I’m sticking with micro.blog and Mastodon

  • I spent last night presenting to our town’s Planning and Zoning commission (picture a courtroom with 6 judges and me standing at a podium) in order to obtain a short term rental permit for a house my wife and I recently renovated.

    After about 1 full hour of discussion (among them, I’m not allowed to participate past my 3 minute presentation) around septic tanks, they finally ruled in favor of my permit.

    It was a pseudo success as they added a condition that I upgrade the septic, which will cost north of $10K.

    It was one of the more bizarre experiences of my life and I felt like I was in a real life episode of Parks and Rec.

  • TIL a new phrase from my wife:

    Prom Legs noun When you don’t shave your legs for 2+ weeks. Then when you finally do, they are extremely smooth for prom (or any other occasion).

    Happy Tuesday!

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