My daughters team won the whole tournament today! ⚽️


My reaction when asked if I’m going to watch the coronation


Does anyone have a Bluesky invite that they are are willing to share?


A sweet old lady came up to me today in the gym and said “I just love what you do here”. For context, I do mostly calisthenics workouts (push-ups,pull-ups, tricks, etc…). It definitely made my day :)


My daughter came home with “school money” and asked me if I could “just scan them and print more.”


This page about Tech Independence by Derek Sivers is great. It’s very “indieweb-ish” and has lots of great tips to limit your big tech dependance. He goes a bit more into detail on this episode of the Tim Ferris Podcast.


It’s planting season, and I just don’t feel like gardening this year. I still haven’t installed a watering system in the garden, and the thought of manually watering daily sounds monotonous. 🌱


I literally found on the exact day they discontinued the product. It solves all of the CMS challenges I was facing for a client project. It’s too bad that I won’t be able to use them.

It looks like they are migrating to which appears to be a bit more complex.

Hopefully, I can use Tina in much the same way as Forestry.

Any CMS suggestions?


How To Make Good Small Games

This was a fun read. I have always wanted to make games, but I inevitably pick something with an enormous scope and never complete it.


Last night I went to a local council meeting to show support for a friend of mine wanting to covert his home into a restaraunt. The meeting was exactly like on the show Parks and Recreation. What a crazy experience.


Productive day. So much so, that I was late to multiple meetings :/


Really hoping this is true 🤞

iOS 17 will reportedly set the stage for sideloading apps on iPhone | TechCrunch


I literally can’t stop watching Blink 182 Coachella performances on reddit.


The early days of Linux

One day, Linus accidentally attempted to use his hard drive to dial the university, resulting in his master boot sector starting with “ATDT” and the university modem-pool phone number. After recovering from this, he implemented file permissions in his kernel.

This was a really fun read.


ChatGPT has become my favorite pair programmer. We have lots of adventures together.


Hot take: The Super Mario Bros Movie, 2023 movie was just fine. ★★½

I actually agree with Roger Ebert on this one:

The latest animated blockbuster from Illumination is their most soulless to date, a film that feels like ChatGPT produced it after data and imagery from the games were fed into a computer.

I really wanted it to be like Wreck it Ralf. A nostalgic movie I adore.


“It’s my job to love my kids, it’s not my kid’s job to love me” Rich Roll on parenting

Needed this one today.


My little girl turns 9 today. It’s going by way too fast. 😭


I went on my first ruck today inspired by this episode of the Tim Ferris podcast with Dr. Kelly Starrett. I didn’t have a proper backpack, so I just filled the Osprey up with about 30lbs of rocks.

I really enjoyed it and felt that it gave me a great (easy) workout.


It bugs me slightly that the closed captioning for Ted Lasso spells fútbol as “football”. ⚽️ > 🏈


Today I’m working on converting a huge legacy system from a .NET app to a Hugo site. My friend ChatGPT is assisting me in writing MSSQL queries in my Python code to help generate the content files.

The future is now.


I still can’t read the phrase “Dill Weed” without thinking of Beavis and Butt-Head.


Since ChatGPT’s release, every day on the internet is April Fools Day.


Twitter just open sourced their recommendation engine and there are some interesting types in the file HomeTweetTypePredicates.scala:

"author_is_elon", "author_is_power_user", "author_is_democrat", and "author_is_republican"

So much for non-bias…


Today, I installed a toilet from hole in the ground all the way through operation. Am I a plumber now?

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