No, Blogging Is Not Dying Anytime Soon  - Darius Foroux

But still, people who read have always been in the minority. And I think that’s what most people who think that “video is the future” don’t get. Sure, people are getting lazier and they want you to feed them content.

But think about it. Do you really want to serve those types of people?!

I love “Blogging Is Not Dead” posts because I love to blog and often wonder if it’s a waste of time. It’s always reassuring to hear new perspectives on this topic and reaffirm the WHYs.

I had a wildly successful blog in the early 2000’s which I sold for almost nothing (I was a broke college kid and didn’t understand business) and have yet to recreate that sort of blogging success.

It’s helpful to recognize that these days that I probably won’t be a prominent blogger again but that doesn’t mean blogging can’t be an important part of my life.

I blog now for these reasons:

  • Learning New concepts
  • Mental Clarity
  • Improve communication skills
  • Build Community
  • Fun
  • ???
  • not profit

and I’m more than ok with that.