@manton I have a few questions/notes about non microblog hosted sites (mine now supports webmention and microformats) and m.b integration.

  1. When I reply from my domain,it doesn’t link to my user on m.b. Even though my domain is associated with it. It creates a new m.b. user named brandontreb.com instead of showing it from my @brandontreb account.
  2. When replying, should I sent a webmention to m.b. Or the users custom domain? Does it matter?
  3. How should conversations work if I want to reply from within my site? Should I send in-reply-to to MY original post and web mentions to the users I mentioned? Or send webmentions / reply directly to the other replies in the conversation? Also, #1 is an issue here as it shows the reply coming from my site and not my user.

LMK if anything is unclear.