I LOVE the idea of taking modern web apps to the Terminal. As a heavy user of ssh, tmux, screen, etc… the idea of seldom leaving the terminal seems very romantic.

There was a recent Show HN Post about a small app called lists.sh that really caught my attention.

The first very interesting aspect of this technology is it uses Public Key Cryptography to establish user accounts. No emails, no passwords, high security.

Another really interesting part of this software is posts are made by using a simple scp command to publish the lists.

Finally, everything is text-based (obviously)! I feel like the web continues to move towards heavy UI with dependency on many JS frameworks (which I still love ;) ), but there is something so refreshing about seeing such a minimal publishing interface using tools that are built into all machines.

I really hope this trend continues and we start to see everything from blog engines to social networks existing solely in the terminal.