I was recently listening to Episode 344- 10 Strategies To Be Happier Through Gratitude on the Tim Ferris Show. Oddly enough, I much prefer episodes where Tim is absent. I do love him, but sometimes feels he steals the conversation.

Anyway, the episode was hosted by a guy named A.J. Jacobs. Jacobs wrote a book on gratitude and is known for traveling the world to thank over 1,000 people involved in his morning coffee (think farmer, roaster, truck driver, etc…).

While I loved the episode, there was something super interesting that I took from it. Jacobs keeps a notebook where he writes down just one thing that he takes away from every book, podcast, and blog.

I love this idea. Often, I will read something, get super inspired, only to forget about it and never apply it.

I feel that this is a great strategy and think it will make for an interesting post on this blog every so often. Think of it as mini book/podcast/blog reviews that highlight what I found to be important.

So my “one thing” from that episode is to start writing down the “one things” from other pieces of media.