With the growing popularity of both Twitter and Facebook, one could obviously see a need to link them together. Whether you primarily use Twitter or Facebook, this tutorial will show you step by step, how to update your Facebook status by posting to your Twitter account.

So, how can you update your Facebook status with a text message? Well, Twitter offers this great functionality that allows you to post a “Tweet” via text message. If you combine this with the Twitter app that Facebook offers, you can now update your Facebook and Twitter status simultaneously with one text message (no internet required).

What you will need:

  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Cell Phone Capable of Sending Text Messages

Signing Up For Twitter

The first step is to sign up for a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. Head on over to http://twitter.com/signup.


Setting Up Text Message Updates On Twitter

You first need to tell Twitter that you want to post from your phone. Start by clicking on Settings in the top right corner of your Twitter page.


Now, select the Devices tab


Enter in your phone number with a “+” in front of it, followed by the country code. So for US phone numbers, it’s +1… Look at the image below for an example.


Twitter will then send your phone a text message containing a unique code. Once you get it, enter it in the box. Now you are able to update your Twitter status by sending a text message to 40404. Whatever you send to this number will be posted to Twitter.

Connecting Facebook to Twitter

Now, you simply need to install the Twitter application on your Facebook account. Log in to Facebook and go to Twitter’s application. You can find it by clicking here or searching for “Twitter” in the search bar. Once on Twitter’s page click “Go to Application”


It will ask you if you want to allow access to the Twitter application on Facebook. Click “Allow”


Now it will ask you to enter your Twitter user name and password. Enter it in and click “Log In”


Now, click on “Allow Twitter To Update Your Facebook Status”


The next screen will confirm. Click “Allow” and you are good to go!

There you have it! It sounds a little complicated, but trust me, updating your Facebook status via text message is very handy. You don’t even have to look at your Twitter account every again (although you should because Twitter is rad). If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section of this post.