Increasing Your Blog Traffic Using Twitter Trends


Twitter Trends are a very interesting part of Twitter. They are basically the most typed keywords or hashtags on twitter for a given day. Some examples might be #musicmonday or macHeist. These are fun and all but how can you use them to get traffic to my website/blog…

Well, often times trends refer to words associated with website articles, videos, images, etc… For example, the other day, the word mashable was trending on Twitter. This was because had just put out an article on twitter trends. Since people were talking about and more importantly linking to this article, the word mashtable was trending…Naturally, this article got quite a bit of traffic.

Post a Comment On The Article

So, I commented on the article leaving a link to my blog. That day, I got ~50 extra uniques to my blog! You can do the same by closely following the trends. Make sure you read the article and are not just spamming the comments section. Many articles use blog systems (such as WordPress) that allow you to link to your website/blog in your commentsl. Post a comment that contributes to the discussion and I guaruntee it will generate more traffic to your website/blog. Again, don’t be a spammer, contribute something to the discussion…

Be Prompt (comment early)

The sooner you comment on the article, the more traffic it will generate to your site. In the above example, I was like the 15th or 16th to commenter. Imagine if I had been the first…

Although this method isn’t perfect, it’s a sure fire way to generate some quick traffic for your blog/website. Do this every day, and you could be huge!

Written on April 6, 2009