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Unpopular opinion: I'm not a fan of Dark Mode

I'm deep in Kotlin dev now and I find it to be much like Android itself. It's very functional, but lacks overall polish and sexiness. It often provides functionality that I didn't ask for, yet makes it extremely difficult to perform tasks that would be otherwise trivial in iOS.

The gym smells extra pungent this evening.

Also, why does everyone where shirts? Does it make them seem more legit?

Trolling phone spammers brings me way too much joy.

I want to mass-delete all accounts in which I no longer use. Does anyone know of a service where you enter your email and they tell you which services you have accounts with?

I absolutely hate scoping projects. It's such uninteresting / uninspiring work.

It's ironic because scoping generally translates to work/dollars, so it's a critical part of my business.

Also, I can't outsource this task. I don't trust anyone to do it correctly and accurately

This Year's Tiny House, Skoolie, Full Time RV'er Top 5 Must Haves This Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa and Winter Solstice Holiday - School Bus Conversion - A Minimalist Family Adventure

I love the microcasts on here. Hearing someone’s voice makes me really feel like I know them.

Chopping wood is my favorite form of meditation.

Whoa! One of my posts made the discover page. Good thing I paid @manton all of those stacks of cash ;)

Today’s task: Parsing malformed XML containing malformed HTML containing malformed XML. Regex-ing, repairing, and parsing at each level only to extract values like an API.

kill me now

For Micro Monday, I recommend @chet . He writes daily haikus, which are absolutely delightful.

A Tour of Our Converted School Bus Home

After two years of living in our bus, we have finally done a tour. We were a little awkward on camera, but I think it turned out well.

> China’s plan to rate citizens based on social behavior moves closer to reality - Bloomberg

China is about to go full Black Mirror

The race - Seth's Blog

How is it that Seth Godin can be so inspiring in so few words?

The phrase “click funnels” does not read well in a small font on a t-shirt.

I could not stop stairing at this guy at the gym until I realized what his shirt actually said.

Pretty cool, I just set my Jekyll blog up to receive Web Mentions via Next step: Display m.b replies on the post themselves. Amazing what you can do with a statically generated site.

OK, I need to stop farting around with this stuff and actually do some work.

How We Winterize Our School Bus Conversion - A Minimalist Family Adventure

Great post by my wife about how we prepare our bus for winter (we live on a 1999 Bluebird btw (more on that soon)).

@manton I have to tell you that I really appreciate that the iOS app doesn’t “infinite scroll”. The Load More button forces me to pause and decide if I want to keep consuming content. I hope you never change that :)

Halloween pin, give it to me.

‪Great meetings with some great people today. ‬

Every single time I’m in an Apple Store, I get asked if I worked there. Apparently I have the “look”.

Weird week. Consulting is hard.

I absolutely love the feeling of completing a task and archiving the email or checking the box on my bullet journal corresponding to it. Sometimes I will add a task after it’s been completed just to check it off.

This article sums up very nicely why it may be a very long time (if ever) until decentralized apps are really a thing. What do you believe now that you didn't five years ago? Centralized wins. Decentralized loses. - High Scalability -

Really loved this article. I wish I could send it to some of my ‘Fox News Cult’ relatives without it being seen as passive aggressive. Why Everyone Should Watch Less News – Member Feature Stories – Medium

I can’t help but feel sorry for clients when they opt to play the “India Lottery” for development instead of a local (or at least US-based team). 75% of the time they come back to us stating they made a huge mistake (and spending more than my original bid).

Man, I have recently headed down the #pico8 dev rabbit hole. It’s such an elegant way of building games and knowing that I can’t really sell the games easily makes development much more freeing. Anyone on here building pico8 games?

If I never have to touch Slack or Telegram again, it will be too soon. I have nothing against them as technologies, however the way teams and clients use them is a toxic waste of time and resources. Maybe I’m old school, but I think email and phone are way more effective.

I just got a spam call today. Instead of hanging up, I sang “hold music” (Tetris theme song) and kept repeating “Your call is very important to us…”. The dude let me go on for like 30 seconds before telling me “F your mom” (harsh). Then he sang back to me. Great day.

Is there a hacker news bot on

‪No matter what payment schedule I put a client on, they will still wait until the absolute last minute. I should start putting everyone on net-1. ‬

Pandora’s mobile app is straight garbage.

What is your go-to “coding music”? Mine is Tron: Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk.

This girl

2nd Tennant in a row that we’ve had to evict due to non payment of rent. Being a land lord is hard.

About to watch Infinity War in the middle of the day with my boys. Today is a good day.

brew upgrade was the wrong command. #coffeeBreak

I’d say that my least favorite part about software development consulting is writing proposals.

Though they are critical to my sales process, etc… I always feel like they are such a drag and it literally takes me all day to write a proposal that should take 1 hour.

Anyone else?

I have multiple nested "toSort" folders on my Desktop. That's probably not a good sign.

Time for some Spring cleaning!

It's pretty cool to see the Miyazaki films showing at our local theater all year long. I'll definitely be taking the boys to most of these.

testing uploads

We just got done watching A Quiet Place. It was so intense. Such a fun movie to see in theaters.

We got a pretty cool feature the other day on Daily Mail:

New Mexico couple sell their home to travel America in a $33,000 converted school bus with their three children

bus photo

These things are usually pretty cool except they always mis quote us and “tweak” the details.

I feel like the best way to get the most value from, is to just jump in the discover tab and start interacting with random folks. It very much feels like Twitter in the early days (when Twitter was actually useful and interesting).

Anyone else using Jekyll for their platform? I have some open source node app to do publishing but doesn’t seem to support media. Looking for suggestions. Thanks!

We just got asked to be on a reality TV show about living on our converted school bus. So… I guess you could say that we have made it.

So, after announcing that I was posting to on my main, I had 79 unsubscribes from my email list.It also might have had something to do with the fact that I hadn’t posted in over a year.Maybe I’m do for the “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while” blog posts.

My wife just crossed 20k followers on her Instagram account @trebventure. She posts photos of our life living on our converted school bus and all of the adventures we take with the family. She’s much cooler than me (especially on the internet)

Ex-Facebook Executive: “You Don’t Realize It But You Are Being Programmed” “We curate our lives around this perceived sense of perfection, because we get rewarded in these short term signals: Hearts, likes, thumbs up.”

A Practical Introduction to Blockchain with Python // Adil Moujahid // Data Analytics and more This is one of the most comprehensive tutorials on building your own block chain and learning the underlying technology that I have seen. I absolutely recommend checking it out!

We launched our first every DApp on the Ethereum main net for a client today! This or That? Check it out, answer some questions, and win some ETH!

I had to write a doubly-linked linked-list to represent a priority queue on this project for the first time since college. Guess I'm ready for my whiteboard programmer interview now…

I feel like I need to do a blog series on "getting started" with Ethereum development. The tech changes so frequently and is super scattered around the web. This makes for such a steep learning curve. I would love to contribute my findings to the community. Would anyone read?

Our team has launched our first DApp on the Ethereum test net for a client. Building a solidity / blockchain app has been more fun that anything I have worked on since the early days of iOS dev. I recommend checking out Crypto Zombies if you are interested in learning solidity.