Great Introduction To Lua

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I have been using lua in my iOS applications for some time now. This tutorial provides a great introduction to a scripting language that most developers are very curious about. I really suggest spending a few minutes checking it out.

  • Arun Ravindran

    Regarding your first point, I agree that rebuilding the entire site from scratch is an inelegant solution when Jekyll could ‘pre-compile’ the older posts. It might be also due to the presence of the  ‘Related Posts’ plugin, which I found to be too slow for medium to big sites.

    One nice side-effect of migrating from WordPress to Jekyll was that all the content was now neatly arranged into text files. I found that to be quite reassuring compared to keeping them in a database or in a huge XML file.

  • Adrian Mouat

    What do you use instead of the visual editor?

    • Brandon Trebitowski

      I just use the HTML version of the editor, but write in Markdown with that plugin.

  • Gijs Nijholt

    I’ve been using Octopress for a few weeks and my blog is still small, so re-generation isn’t an issue yet. 
    But I noticed that the provided Rakefile offers an isolate/integrate method so that only the post you’re editing gets regenerated. Once satisfied, fire and forget the gen_deploy command.

    I didn’t like storing my posts in a database, and I also dislike having to install PHP and MySQL for just my blog. Installation of Octopress on my laptop was a breeze and I’m not a Rubyist.

  • Facts About Australia

    Thanks for the advice.  I was considering using Jekyll for an upcoming site since I was wanting to get away from WordPress.  However after your feedback I think I’ll stick with the whale that is WP.